Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Extravaganza

Easter was pretty much perfection. A beautiful church service then back to good ol Leipers Fork to celebrate at the parent's house!! Thank our Lord Jesus that the weather was um just magical. We stuffed our bellies with strawberry salad, corn casserole, some delicious kind of meat that made my jaw quiver, moist cornbread, asparagus, strawberry punch, (mims and i created this breathtakingly frothy punch o' delight) strawberry cake, and some rather interesting chocolate dessert my grandmother brought. i mean...does it get any better than this? no sirrreeee.
Yes I am related to this dashing couple...the handsome, normal looking fella (well not really) is my brother bear...and the beautiful angel is my sister-in law. Emily and Tanner, the love birds...match made in Heaven!! I was so thankful they joined us for Easter!

This fairy is what made my Easter unforgettable, we kind of adopted her for the weekend because her hubby was outa town. She is holding a glass of the smoothie that she makes for me after our silly sleepovers. These smoothies are just divine. So divine that I shall share the recipe:
  1/2 cup Orange Juice
  1 cup Vanilla Yogurt
  1 cup Chopped Frozen Strawberries
  1 Sliced Frozen Banana
...Blend Baby Blend...
then just take it all in...its perfectly perfect. pretty much hawaii in a cup. ( make sure its a cute glass that you are drinking this smoothie out of, thats the only rule, thank you)
This is one of my very favorite pics of me and the mims...I love her, she is just my beautiful fairy. I think she is just um the most wonderful gift from the Lord.

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